Multiple Inverse Method
Software Package

Tectonic Study Group
Kyoto University


The latest MIM software package, which has been released since November 4, 2011, includes the computational grid that utilizes the spherical code of Yamaji and Sato (in press).

This software package impliments the multiple inverse method (ver. 6). The method is designed to separate stresses from heterogeneous fault-slip data and from heterogeneous focal mechanism data by means of the combination of a resampling technique and stress tensor inversion. The method was originally proposed by Yamaji (2000), and have been evolved by Sato and Yamaji (2006a, b), Otsubo and Yamaji (2006), Yamaji and Sato (2006), and Otsubo et al. (2008).
Contents of the package
Main Proessor (ver. 6.2)
Post Proessor (ver. 4.17)
User's Guide (English and Japanese)
Auxiliary programs and files including readme.txt
Click here to download the MIM Software Package (, 8.7 MB)
Yamaji, A. (Kyoto University)
Sato, K. (Kyoto University)
Otsubo, M. (Geological Survey of Japan, AIST)
Screenshot (Post Processor)



November 4, 2011
A. Yamaji